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It's seldom that we have golfing ‘eureka’ moments but in 2009 at the Els Club in Dubai, a lesson with Butch Harmon’s son, Claude Harmon III, made me completely re-evaluate my outlook on golf and ultimately my career. I was always a keen golfer, striving to lower my handicap in the typically mistaken belief that the latest driver or putter would shave shots off my handicap.

After warming up with a few 7-irons, Claude suggested a different approach: if I seriously wanted to hit the ball further with improved accuracy, my mobility and flexibility had to be assessed rather than my swing. At the end of the lesson, my Golf Fitness handicap had been evaluated as 24 using the Titleist Performance Institute (“TPI”) platform and I was sent an extensive and detailed online  workout program to undertake in my own time.  Within 2 months, my golf handicap fell significantly and my distance increased, both of which substantially enhanced my enjoyment of the game.

Several years later, after reaching the top REPS Level 4 in Personal Training, I decided to specialise in my passion: Golf Fitness.  I enrolled in the industry-leading TPI Certification program, eventually travelling to TPI headquarters in Oceanside, California and attaining the top Level 3 Fitness certification.

At my private bespoke fitness studio, I train golfers of a variety of ages and abilities. Without exception, all of them have shown improvements as my testimonials will verify. The benefits of this training both on- and off-course are unquestionable and seeing the results only fuels my passion further.

Golfers are Athletes Too!

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