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For many years, professional Tour golfers have included a targeted fitness regime as part of their off-course preparation and practice. Mobility, flexibility, balance, stability, strength, power, nutrition and cardiovascular fitness are all key to increase distance, improve technique and reduce the risk of injury.

TPI Mobility Level 1 Screen

This screen assesses 16 different movements, providing an assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness and movement quality. Client health, history and nutrition are also assessed. The client receives instruction in corrective exercises where necessary, a login to the TPI ProSite which will provide copies of the scan, A TPI Golf Fitness Handicap, and videos of exercises to perform at home or in the gym.

The screen can also help identify potential swing faults and the results shared with the client’s Teaching Professional / Swing Coach.

TPI Fitness Level 2 Evaluation

Once mobility has been improved and developed from the Level 1 screen, the Level 2 Evaluation assesses strength, power and cardiovascular fitness.  Pull, push, rotary, leg and grip strength and power are measured to identify any deficiencies and improvements that can be made to optimise performance.

A full exercise program, including videos,  can be designed to both maintain and progress strength, power, conditioning and endurance for golf, including nutrition and hydration advice. 

Further interaction with the client’s Teaching Professional / Swing Coach will ensure that the physical improvements maximize on-course performance, whilst reducing risk of injury.

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